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The Deshpande Foundation was founded by Jaishree and Gururaj Deshpande in 1996.  Since then, the Deshpande Foundation has become an agora where innovation, skills, and social missions are  mobilized and realized. The Deshpande Foundation offers students an opportunity to create positive change in their world.

We know youth have big ideas for a better India and we want them to transform that vision into a reality. The LEAD Program, an initiative of the Deshpande Foundation, focuses on fostering social entrepreneurship and innovation in college students.  By exposing them to social issues, encouraging them to volunteer their time and effort into the community, and igniting their latent talent to come up with creative solutions, LEAD teaches youth to consider themselves as an active part of their environment and society, all while raising civil awareness, instilling a spirit of service, and creating community engagement.

In this 10-month comprehensive program, LEAD participants develop volunteer projects that aim to fix issues within their communities. These projects are approved by LEAD staff and a stipend is given to help with the completion of the project. The LEADer is the student in charge of the project, who manages the other team members and volunteers, and has the responsibility to see the project to completion.  LEADers have the opportunity to network with successful social entrepreneurs, gain leadership and volunteer experiences, and work intimately with the local community.

The Deshpande Foundation is dedicated to fostering strong leadership skills in all LEADers and as such  provides a compulsory orientation for selected candidates. The orientation covers marketing and recruitment strategies, motivation and small group theories, management techniques and more.

The LEAD Program is a rapidly expanding program.  Working with 70 partnering colleges, over 15,000 students have participated in LEAD since its initiation.  This number will continually increase as LEAD grows to stimulate more bright minds and produce meaningful impact.
During its fifth year alone, LEAD witnessed major successes and achievements driven by student initiatives.  Rs. 4302496 were fundraised by the students to implement their community improvement projects. Moreover, Rs. 649760 in resources were provided by local organizations to assist with students’ projects, and over 323166 people across Karnataka directly benefited from the completed LEAD projects.

The people of India need go-getters, and the Deshpande Foundation knows where to find them—in you! The  goal of LEAD is to provide a conduit for the LEADing students, with the help of their peers, to actively pursue their solutions to social issues. 

Why join LEAD?

• Be a role model who creates change in their world.
• Witness your ideas turn from concept to reality.
• Spearhead a project with a team of other civic-minded students.
• Interact with the local community to solve problems.
• Gain communication skills.
• Network with successful social entrepreneurs and student leaders.
• Build your volunteer experiences.
• Supplement your education with hands-on learning
• Interact with NGOs, community members, or university faculty/staff

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Sumanth prabhas Says....

I'm proud to be a indian tat this LEAD foundation is motivating the young generation wit giving gr8 assurance wit there wonderful projects,they involving the youth in order to construct our india a developed country....i heard tat this LEAD foundation is oly a base for the foundation or stem to youths,this foundation gives the assurance they wil do it...thankq to LEAD foundation

Anonymous Says....

Hai .my name is g and my lead id exchanged to 1070...in registration form ...correct this

Atul Sharma Says....

When an individual is a child, he/she sees and observes so many changes in and around him/her. Some changes they accept and some they rejects. This process of observation continues throughout the life. As soon as they enter their teenage and adulthood, the way of thinking and observing things take a revolutionary change. The brain starts asking for logical reasons for everything going around them. Whatever they see and hear from news, media, peoples around him/her, leaders, teachers, etc., they need a logical and legal explanation from the society. These thoughts, questions and explanations arising in their mind need to be utilized in a proper manner which would lead to overall development of the society. Now, if the youth are properly motivated towards their own understanding of the problems of the society and are made capable to solve these problems by themselves, certainly they would grow up into a more responsible and successful individual. For this purpose, they should have good decision making abilities, leadership qualities, motivational skills, instant learning skills, team spirit, effective communication skills, good presentation skills, attentive listening qualities and should be dedicated and committed towards their work.

In my opinion, LEAD is doing the same thing by encouraging the youth to learn different interpersonal and intrapersonal skills by interacting within themselves and sharing their views among each other. This may lead the youth to identify their potential and caliber to be a successful entrepreneur. This may increase their creativity and innovative power. These skills development may help them to identify the procedures to effectively utilize the available resources and secure the future of the society. The youth can inculcate values and morals in their mind which would help them in running their enterprise ethically in the future.

About me, I am very punctual, confident, truthful and dedicated towards my work and tasks assigned. My primary focus would be on these qualities because proper management of these qualities would bring a feeling of inner peace and satisfaction in the individual. I would also focus on lectures and presentations on few provoking topics like Goal setting, morale boosting, building self confidence, promotion of general knowledge activities, writing skills of the students, debates on current and burning issues, sports, improvising their hobby, etc. which would help them to think critically on a wide range of issues and develop an empathy for the needy people.